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Welcome to Ward & Sinclair. My name is Brent and let me tell you about my business:

We are a panel and paint business as well as vehicle dismantlers. We have been operating in Gore for over 50 years. Originally started by Lloyd Ward and Ian Sinclair in 1965 from a small building in Ashton St, Gore. The business moved to the corner of Ashton & River Street in 1980 ( our present premises as per photo-The heavy traffic bypass south).  I took over the business in 2000 after running it in conjunction with my brother prior to this. There have been many changes in repairing  vehicles over the years. But the basics have stayed the same: quality repairs, good customer service, a focus on staff training and the ongoing up skilling of repair methods.
      What was suitable as a repair on a vehicle 50 years ago was no longer suitable for vehicle in the eighties, Just as the repair method from the eighties is no longer suitable now. Vehicles have changed so much particularly in the last 10 years.   With more safety components (air bags, ABS, etc)  becoming standard in all cars, more electronics (parking assist, electronic power steering etc) and Hybrids, vehicle are much more sophisticated to repair. Plus the vehicle structural make up of the modern vehicle has changed dramatically, specially in the last 6 years. With the use of UHSS, Boron steels in newer vehicles, it is critical that they are repaired properly. The only way these steels can be welded is with an invertor spot welder. It is dangerous, even fatal if they are welded with anything else.
We have the highest level of repair equipment you will find in  any moderm panel shop. We use only top quality repair equipment in our vehicle repairs, such as Caroliner chassis machine, measuring system and invertor spot welders. Caroliner are the premier chassis machine  manufacturer throughout the world (so good we brought two) and are recommended by all major vehicle manufacturers. While other chassis machine  come and go,  Caroliner lead the way in design and innovation. Which is true also of their invertor spot welders. When we purchased our invertor recently we researched others invertors on the market, but nothing compared with the Caroliner for power, precision and ease of use. Although the Caroliner welder was almost twice the price as it's competitors, the others just didn't compare. As with our commitment to quality repairs we are committed to using the best equipment to do the best repair possible. Same goes for the heat inductor, mig welders, dent pulling machine, hoists and air tools we use. Not all repairers have the same level of repair equipment as us. "Some promise we delivery". 
We are approved repairers for the the following companies IAG, AMI, State, NZI, Lantern, Fleetlease, Customfleet, an Hyundai Structural Repairer and Gore's only Mazda Approved Repairer and approved repairer for Suzuki, Mitsubishi Nissan and Holden. Our staff have completed I-Car courses on Nissan, Toyota, Mazda,Ford repair methods as well as many other I-Car cousres from Full Frame repair methods to Hybrid vehicles and are I-Car welded accredited. We are a CRA Structural Centre (one of only two in Gore) and a member of the Collision Repair Association.  
No other  panelbeater in Gore has this level of training or equipment to meet the criteria of these organizations and more importantly to repair your modern vehicle,
As with the panel beating division our painting division uses the latest equipment and methods for spray painting. From the latest spray guns (which are more efficient with less over spray) dustless sanders, air feed spray mask, Eletronic colour macthing, computerized tinting and paint mixing to fully compliant spray booth and a recently installed bake oven. The health and safety of our staff is important to us and the use of this equipment,including water bourne, not only gives a long lasting and high quality finish to our paint jobs it also ensures there is no detrimental affect on our staffs health. 
Our latest equipement for 2017 is SIKKENS Mixit Pro Colour Tool.  Advanced computerised paint management software that always find the correct mixture formula and adapts it if necessary.  SIKKENS Automatice 3 enables us to match a color on the spot by using the SIKKENS spectropnotometer which means that we can get the refinished vechiles returned to you on time.

While the world of panel beating has changed, so has the insurance industry.  Insurance companies in the past were more customer service based, rather than  profit driven. I haven't got enough space to write about the downfall of the insurance industry.
Not all insurance companies  are  the same and do not have the same degree of aggressiveness in the way they direct work to their repairers, it is worth knowing your rights when dealing with them if you damage your car.

                                ITS YOUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE A REPAIRER.

      All the insurance companies we are approved to do repairs for do site visits, compliance & equipment checks as well as staff training appraisals to ensure they get the best repairer  for their clients. Also Ward & Sinclair will ensure you  get a quality repair on your vehicle by the way of on going training through I-car and  help from the CRA with Health & safety issues, industry information & shop visit. We have access to all the major vehicle manufacturers repairs manuals & their body specifications as well as Caroliner  measuring data sheets.
      Some insurances companies don't have this  high criteria for their repairers and are more concerned about keeping the price down. They have more control over the repair process with their low  schedule rates and aren't concerned about repair quality and customer satisfaction. These insurers are sending vehicles to repairers that do not have the correct equipment or qualified staff to repair  your vehicle and these repairers are often forced to work at unrealistic labour rates (which means these repairers take shortcuts in the repair process). They also direct repairers where to buy the parts, which are often  the cheapest, inferior or aftermarket parts (Chinese made). 

If you are looking for a part for your car or Ute/4WD come and see us. We have over 400 vehicles that we are dismantling. Ours prices very competitive and considerable cheaper than new. But don't be confused by new and aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are often made in China and of inferior materials than the original. They wear out faster than the genuine parts, need replaced more often and overall aren't that cost affective. 
Our mechanical parts are stripped or checked before sale and come with a 3 month warranty. Our staff have have an extensive knowledge of the motor industry to ensure we get you the right part for the right car. We ask the right questions and have an extensive stock inventory on computer so  we can sort your parts problem out quickly.    

I am a repair certifier  appointed  by NZTA. One of only three in the lower South Island,  I am the only one in Gore and have been appointed since  its inception in 1998. As a repair certify we check the structure of vehicles for damage, rust or poor repairs on imported vehicles, write offs or vehicles with lapsed registrations. We also check vehicles for WOF agents. To be a repair certify the NZTA do regular audits and checks to ensure we have the correct qualifications and up to date training on the latest repair methods. 

Our staff  and  premises are continually checking and  passing our required compliance. 
As mentioned above, vehicles are forever changing as the repair techniques do also. As well as having access to manufactures repair specifications,  model specific repair methods and the full Caroliner measuring data sheet inventory, we are updating our repair knowledge through NZ I-car courses. These include theory courses on full frame repair techniques, invertor spot welders, Hybrid vehicles and many others. I-car also do a MIG welding test which is a series of  practical test checking for the strength of welds. All of our technicians that do structural repairs are I-car welding qualified.
Our workshop and more importantly our paint shop passes all compliance orders and standards and we have a test location certify to ensure any dangerous goods are stored correctly. We have the necessary health and safety policy in place to ensure the safety of our staff and workshop equipment is continually monitored.

Meet the team at Ward & Sinclair. 
We'll be pleased to help you in any way we can.


Levi Clayton Parts Labourer

Levi Clayton Parts Labourer

Brennan Gutschlag

Brennan is our newest full time team member, as our apprentice pannel beater.

Rodolfo Deguito (June)

June is our qualified painting technician. He has been working in Dubi for a number of years and has now joined our team.

Brent Ward - Manager

Manager: Brent has 30 years in the industry  Is a tradesman panel beater and a NZTA appointed repair certifier

Graham English - Parts Manager

Graham is  a trade qualified   mechanic,  with 33  years experience. He is the man to see for any mechanical repairs or any parts that you may require

Zac Miller - Quaified Panel Beater

Qualified panel beater who is I-Car welding accredited
Has been with us for more than 10 years.
Zac and his  partner Skye have recently brought their first house. So Congratulations.

Pauline Cormack - Office

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