Ward & Sinclair Ltd - Panel Beaters & Painters News Feed http://www.wardsinclair.co.nz Ward & Sinclair Ltd - Panel Beaters & Painters Hyundai Aprroved Repairerhttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/15/Hyundai-Aprroved-RepairerWard &amp;&nbsp;Sinclair, after recently&nbsp; completing a Hyundai Collision Repair Course in conjunction with I-Car, have been approved as an Hyundai Structural Centre. This shows our commitment to on going training&nbsp; and increasing knowledge of vehicle repairablity.<br />1443524400http://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/15/Hyundai-Aprroved-Repairerhttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nzHyundai Aprroved Repairerhttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/15/Hyundai-Aprroved-Repairer Lumley Approved Repairerhttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/14/Lumley-Approved-RepairerAfter some discussion &amp; negotiating with Lumley, they have appointed us as an approved repairer in Gore. Lumley incorporate Southsure &amp;&nbsp;Westpac insurance companies.<br />1441540800http://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/14/Lumley-Approved-Repairerhttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nzLumley Approved Repairerhttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/14/Lumley-Approved-Repairer Brad is Backhttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/13/Brad-is-BackBrad Hastie has come back. After a stint overseas, Brad has returned to where it all started.<br /> Brad is a qualified painter who has made a welcome return to our team.<br />1433073600http://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/13/Brad-is-Backhttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz302Brad is Backhttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/13/Brad-is-Back Latest Purchasehttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/12/Latest-Purchase4 in 1 Welder. We recently purchased this welder for its versatility and ease of use. The welder is capable of MIG, TIG, Mig brazing (which is required for modern vehicle) &amp; alloy at the flick of a switch. The welder itself has computer control unit that once the thickness and type of&nbsp; material to be welded is imputed it automatic adjusts all the settings ie gas flow, wire speed to the correct levels. This is very important for the light materials and types of steel we weld. <br /> <br /> <br />1429012800http://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/12/Latest-Purchasehttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz300Latest Purchasehttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/12/Latest-Purchase Mazda Approved Repairerhttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/10/Mazda-Approved-RepairerWard &amp; Sinclair have recently been appointed Gore's only approved Collision Repairer for Mazda. This involves an&nbsp; extensive training course on Mazda&nbsp;repair methods, eqipment levels and safety features. It also gives us access to Mazda's&nbsp;latest repair manauls for all New Zealand new vehicles as well as most imported&nbsp;Mazdas&nbsp;1418122800http://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/10/Mazda-Approved-Repairerhttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nzMazda Approved Repairerhttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/10/Mazda-Approved-Repairer CRA Structural Repair Centrehttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/11/CRA-Structural-Repair-CentreWard &amp; Sinclair are now one of two CRA Structural repair centres appointed in Gore. We have&nbsp;meet the CRA criteria of high&nbsp;equipment level, on going&nbsp;staff training, compliance and shop appearance to be able to repair structural damaged vehicles.&nbsp;This is important to remember as not all panel beaters have the same commitment to quality repairs.1415790000http://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/11/CRA-Structural-Repair-Centrehttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nzCRA Structural Repair Centrehttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/11/CRA-Structural-Repair-Centre IAG Approved Repairerhttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/8/IAG-Approved-RepairerWe are pleased to announce after more than 9 months of negotiation a&nbsp;lot&nbsp;of work to meet IAGs criteria of compliance, staff training, equipment level, health &amp; safety requirements that we have been approved as there repairer for Gore.<br /> IAG is the parent company&nbsp;for&nbsp;NZI, AMI, State, Lumley,&nbsp;Lantern and the underwritng for many&nbsp;of NZs banks.<br /> We think this is a change of&nbsp;direction for IAG who appear to more focused on compliance&nbsp;and safety than price. Time will tell.&nbsp;1403697600http://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/8/IAG-Approved-Repairerhttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nzIAG Approved Repairerhttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/8/IAG-Approved-Repairer I-Car Bronze accreditedhttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/7/I-Car-Bronze-accreditedZac Miller has recently gained Bronze I-Car accreditation. This has been accomplished through attending and passing several specifically designed industry courses and test. These courses ensure that Zac is keep up to date the modern repair techniques. The Bronze recognition is not easily achieved, therefore we congratulate Zac on a job well done1389610800http://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/7/I-Car-Bronze-accreditedhttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz250I-Car Bronze accreditedhttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/7/I-Car-Bronze-accredited Merlohttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/4/MerloThis our new purchase.&nbsp; This Merlo helps with stacking and moving our vehicles around.&nbsp; <br />1383562800http://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/4/Merlohttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/images/233/medium/IMG-0289.JPGMerlohttp://www.wardsinclair.co.nz/news/4/Merlo